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Category Archives: Youtube Smackdown

Added a fifth target and since Youtube only allows 3 playlist to display on a channel page, I thought it would be a good idea to repost all five targets here.

#1: sodamzerrosodam (6)

#2: alarabb4023 (11)(5)

#3: alnuaimi (4)(3)

#4: KuffurGegenTaghut (11)(10)

#5: israa608 (11)

Some explaination of the format here: The first is the name of the channel obviously. The first number in paranthasis is the total number of vids on the playlist. The second number is the total available videos left on the playlist and the last bit is the playlist URL and link.


I would be terrible remissed if I didn’t mention HirabistHunter’s video that is getting set to go virial. Watch, Favorite, Rate it!