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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A buddy of mine has a new Yt channel dedicated to helping YT enforce their terms of service in regards to Po-Nazi’s and their bigotted videos.

He’s just getting started, so they may not be much there yet. He’ll appreciate any help you can give him, go and look, bookmark it.


Added a fifth target and since Youtube only allows 3 playlist to display on a channel page, I thought it would be a good idea to repost all five targets here.

#1: sodamzerrosodam (6)

#2: alarabb4023 (11)(5)

#3: alnuaimi (4)(3)

#4: KuffurGegenTaghut (11)(10)

#5: israa608 (11)

Some explaination of the format here: The first is the name of the channel obviously. The first number in paranthasis is the total number of vids on the playlist. The second number is the total available videos left on the playlist and the last bit is the playlist URL and link.

Yesterday, I added Freash meats new upload and took note that he also had one taken down.

Kudoes to everyone that helped get that one down. Lets redouble our efforts to get the rest of his filth down.

Freash meat as promised!


The original playlist had 4 videos, one went down but there is still 3 more to go.

For the rest of the month, I plan on re-working old playlist as a sort of spring cleaning. This guy from October will be Target #2 this month. It has 5 vides left, let’s get them down.

Will be making some changes and doing some spring cleaning here.

Thought I’d do something a bit different. sodamzerrosodam was kind enough to have some playlist so I’m going to give y’all the link to one and you can smack ’em as you please. Here is the hamas/hizbollah playlist.