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Monthly Archives: December 2008


The BS receptical is smacked down!!!
Teh Awesome!

N95brfive four nine (N959595) has taken its videos private after having two of them smakced down.

Muzzy of the decade (muslimahofthecentury) has taken his 13 peices of crap private.

Sorry islamo-facist, but taking them private aint going to hide them from me.

I HATE NAZIs!!!!!!

I made the list last night, but got distracted with other stuff.

Lets get this creep gone!

I would be terrible remissed if I didn’t mention HirabistHunter’s video that is getting set to go virial. Watch, Favorite, Rate it!

Playlist here

Let’s get MOC smacked down!

Playlist here:

Wow! That’s some shootin’!

Hmmmm, let me look for something a bit harder…

Here is Decembers first target.

Currently has 29 videos, all on this playlist.

Lets get this one down!