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You would think such a title would get YouTube’s attention as it is clearly against their TOS! Of course since it is in arabic, I guess they will let it slide.

Yeah, I think some massive flagging of this is in order.

H/T to Andrea

Edit. Finally got this one down.!

Busted yesterday. Read more at The Jawa Report.

Most of you wouldn’t know it, but Zach’s been a personal project of mine, even before his idiotic threats on Matt and Trey.

Yep, I think its going to be a good day.

For some more about this and how it ties into Youtube, go read StarCMC’s post here.

Just a post of demotivators that were done in the office.

Planning Meeting

The New Dynamic Duo

I’m asking for block 90 in Snappedshot’s latest betting pool

No if y’all excuse me, time for the morning constitutional and I’m out of TP again.

Uploaded a copy to my channel.

Edit: Now that LatmaTV has theirs back, I’ve taken my copy down.

Just some parody to lighten the darkness.

Religion of Peace?? Then why does it seem that muslims tend to have more crazy nutters like farrukrehman1?

This wannabe terrorist is leaving threats all over youtube. Check the comments in this video from my friend Darthodieus.

Here’s a screen cap of comments from that video:

This is from his own channel:

I’ve got more, but it becomes monotonous to read the same 12-year-old style dialogue.

See also

The question is asked because of the nature of this enemy to video tape its attacks to use as a form of recruitment.

And yes, incase you are wondering, I am implying that there was probably more than one person involved.

Everything going Great in the Obambi regime of America!!